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Network Integration and Support

Chameleon Consulting designs and builds the full range of Microsoft-based networks from simple LANs to complex Wide-Area-Networks. We help you create new networks and improve and upgrade existing networks to maximize performance, availability, and reliability. Our network integration team partners with you from the planning and design phase through delivery and installation of the equipment, and provides on-going support

Support Contracts

Chameleon Consulting, Inc. creates support contracts to meet the unique needs of your organization. We can provide backup and high level planning and expertise to support your computer department staff or we can act as an outsourced computer department for smaller organizations.

To learn more about our support contract options, please call us at 781-646-2272.

Technology Planning

We have created and implemented long-term technology plans for corporate and educational organizations. Our plans include network structure, security, application integration, administration, and hardware life-cycle planning.

Our approach to the strategic planning process includes:

  • Reviewing the technology and business goals of the organization
  • Evaluating the current information technology environment
  • Surveying and interviewing end-users and other stakeholders
  • Drafting a preliminary plan and validating it with the organization
  • Creating a cost and implementation schedule
  • Submitting a final written plan document to the client
  • Updating the plan to reflect changes in strategy or technology